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Success Stories

  • Front Page Boston Globe Story on Recent Victory in Tobacco Case
  • $3,600,000 (actual present cash value) recovered for negligent administration of anesthesia. We argued that the esophagus rather than the trachea had been intubated. This argument was a difficult one because once the plaintiff was reintubated and adequate ventilation established, the plaintiff’s blood oxygen level continued to deteriorate.
  • $2,000,000 (actual present cash value) recovered for negligent medical care of detoxing alcoholic consisting of a failure to administer appropriate medication (benzodiazepines). This case had been previously evaluated and rejected by another law firm.
  • $1,500,000 (actual present cash value) recovered for negligent management of labor and delivery resulting in brain injury and cerebral palsy of newborn. Our theory of liability was based upon an alleged failure to timely detect fetal distress and intervene by performing a crash c-section.
  • $900,000 (actual present cash value) recovered on behalf of a plaintiff who was paralyzed from falling into an above-ground swimming pool and was found floating in the water. There were no witnesses to the fall and the plaintiff had no memory of what had happened. The case was brought against the manufacturer of the pool ladder for failing to adequately instruct on the safe installation of its ladder because the pool decking was not close enough to the pool. This case had been previously rejected by five law firms. Two of these firms had concluded that the lawsuit could not even be brought in good faith!
  • $500,000 recovered for negligent administration of anesthesia. This case was filed over 20 years after the plaintiff had undergone a routine gall bladder operation but had never fully recovered from anesthesia and was left paralyzed and unable to speak or understand communications. All the medical care providers involved were either unavailable or had died. This case had been turned down by numerous law firms because of the statute of limitations. We argued that the statute of limitations had been tolled because the plaintiff was continuously mentally incompetent since the surgery.
  • $450,000 recovered for failure to diagnose cancer resulting in the amputation of plaintiff’s leg. It was argued by the defense that the lesion on plaintiff’s leg was not properly diagnosed sooner because it reasonably appeared to be the result of a traumatic injury. This case had initially been fully evaluated by another law firm and rejected.
  • $433,000 recovered for a patient who fell in the emergency room and sustained spinal cord damage and died several months later. The problem with the case was that the plaintiff had already fallen before he got to the emergency room and was already experiencing spinal cord injury symptoms. It was, therefore, difficult to prove where the spinal cord injury occurred. The amount that was paid represented payment of all available insurance coverage. It should also be noted that this case had been previously fully evaluated and rejected by another law firm.