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Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice occurs whenever a medical professional deviates from the accepted standard of care for his or her field of medicine. All medical professionals and health care providers have an ethical and legal obligation to give every patient responsible and safe treatment and care. Medical malpractice often results in severe injuries that can leave a patient debilitated for life. It is also one of the leading causes of wrongful death in New Hampshire.

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Types of Medical Malpractice

Despite the best efforts of modern medicine, bad results sometimes happen after medical treatment that is simply no one’s fault. Not all patients respond to treatment and some may even suffer further injury. Yet, there are many instances when a bad outcome is the result of medical malpractice. Malpractice may range from the acts of grossly reckless physicians and health care providers to the acts of good and respected doctors who were momentarily negligent in their treatment of a patient. However, in any case of medical malpractice, the injured patient has a right of recovery against the negligent provider. Some of the most common forms of medical malpractice in New Hampshire include:

•misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose a serious disease or illness

•delayed diagnosis and treatment

•prescribing the wrong medication or the wrong dosage

•failure to provide appropriate follow- up care

•misinterpretation of lab results (or lab mistakes)

•failure to order necessary tests

•surgical errors (such as performance of unnecessary surgery due to misdiagnoses or improperly performed procedure)

•anesthesia errors (such as incorrect dosages, incorrect timing, failing to gather sufficient pre-operative information, failing to adequately monitor a patient,etc.)

•birth injuries caused by improper or inadequate management of labor and delivery 

What must be proven in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

The injured party in a medical malpractice action must prove the following things in order to win:

•That the medical professional was responsible for your care and acted negligently. You must prove that the doctor or health care provider failed to meet the accepted standard of care in his or her field of medicine. In other words, the medical professional made a mistake that a reasonable and careful doctor would not have made under the same or similar circumstances. This usually requires the use of an expert witness to testify concerning the mistake.

•That the medical professional's mistake caused the injury. It must be shown that if the doctor had not made the mistake, the injury would not have happened or would not have been as severe. Expert witness testimony is also used to establish this element.

•That the injured party suffered damages. Damage can include any resulting injury or death from the health care provider’s negligence. It may also include such things as lost wages, diminished earning capacity, medical bills, future medical expenses, lost enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and the loss of a loved one.


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